In-App Updates & Identifying Beta Testers for iOS 7

With the release of iOS 7 came the deprecation of the UDID API. Calls to that API no longer returned the UDID and instead returned an identifier that we were unable to link to our TestFlight users. As a result, iOS 7 users became anonymous and in-app updates were not possible.

Until today.
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We support Enterprise IPAs!

Enterprise IPAs… What are they? How do we support them? All your questions will be answered by the end of this post!

The IPA and provisioning are an integral part of the app beta testing process so it’s great to understand your options and hear from the experts on how others have used them in their TestFlight workflow.
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SDK 2.1 Beta

Version 2.1 brings full support for the iPhone 5s’ ARM64 processor while still supporting down to iOS 4.3. If you are building a 64-bit version of your app, you are going to want to use the 2.1 beta. Download the SDK 2.1 beta.
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iOS 7 Ready


It’s that time of year again!

As the developer community scrambles to adjust to iOS 7 and the new iPhone 5S, we’ve had to make some changes here at TestFlight as well. Here are a few tips to help your testers get over pesky hurdles and get your SDK up to date.
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TestFlight/FlightPath SDK 2.0


The SDK’s internals have been completely redesigned to make it smaller, more efficient, and use less device resources all while making almost no changes to the public interface. To download and get started go to https://testflightapp.com/sdk/download/.

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